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Why We Fight – DVD

Why We Fight – DVD
  • Part I – Prelude to War – World War II is a battle between the "slave world" and the "free world."
  • Part II – The Nazis Strike – summarizes Adolph Hitler's plan for world conquest
  • Part III – "Divide and Conquer," begins with Britain and France's declaration of war and covers the Nazi capture of Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium the Netherlands, and France.
  • Part IV – "The Battle of Britain," begins after Hitler is firmly in control of parts of France and Norway, and includes the Nazi's massive air assault on the British Isles
  • Part V – "The Battle of Russia Part 1 – Frustrated by the tenacity of British resistance, Hitler sets his sights on the Soviet Union instead.
  • Part VI – The Battle of Russia Part 2 – The film illustrates the Red Army's method of fighting – a scorched-earth strategy and a reliance on guerilla and urban warfare.
  • Part VII – "The Battle of China," explains Japan's attempt to break the will of the Chinese by invading Nanking and massacring 40,000 civilians
  • Part VIII – "War Comes to America," begins by celebrating the American values of liberty and freedom, with particular focus on American reluctance to get involved, but ends with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
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