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Phonics from Twin Sisters

Phonics from Twin Sisters

From Twin Sisters Productions

Although this is NOT a complete phonics/reading program, it provides an affordable, easy-to-use, fun method to introduce PHONICS and to supplement any beginning phonics program.

The Music CD is an all-new collection of songs that teach

the letters of the alphabet
beginning consonant sounds
long and short vowel sounds
digraphs and consonant blends
the qu friendship
the effect of the silent e
Scroll down and listen to song samples

The 96-page full-color workbook features
10 emergent reader mini-books to make and color
80 sight word cards
Over 60 worksheets and activities—guaranteed to make phonics learning fun and easy

Use with our best-selling Phonics Music CD
Product is meant for Ages 5 to 8

A Little Cat, Cat, Cat
The Alphabet Swing
Click to Hear Sample

Singing the Consonant Sounds
Learning Our Short Vowels
Learning Our Long Vowels
The Silent “e”
Click to Hear Sample

Q and U Are Friends
Vowel Circuit
Consonant Blends
Letters “c” and “g” Have Two Sounds
Click to Hear Sample

Two Letters Are Hanging Around
Click to Hear Sample

Rhyming Word Rule
I Like To Write, Spell And Read!
Tongue Twister Fun!
Billy The Baby Baboon
Dancing Deer
Goofy Goats
Silly Sally’s Sister

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