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Buddy Davis' Sculpt-a-Saur Dino Activity Pak

Buddy Davis' Sculpt-a-Saur Dino Activity Pak

Buddy Davis, one of the foremost sculptors of dinosaurs in the world, and a popular member of the Answers in Genesis team, has crafted a fun and educational kit for young "paleontologists"! Kids form the clay around the plaster skull, add an eye, and use tools for creating dino skin, and presto, a realistic rendering of a dinosaur. The kit includes two books:

Dino Coloring & Activity Book: This fun, forty-six page book includes activity and coloring pages,and instructions on how to draw a life-size dinosaur in chalk on your driveway or church parking lot. A great VBS activity!

Dino Sculpting Book: Buddy gives facts and commentary about the various dinosaurs found to date and places the whole subject in the context of Bible history! This full-color book gives detailed instructions for bringing your dinosaur to life. Learn how Buddy sculpted the dinosaurs for the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum and how to make your own model of a velociraptor head!

Age Level 7-12 • Now Available!

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