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Pet Music-- 3 CD Set

Pet Music-- 3 CD Set


This Music Is For The Birds....And
Dogs And Cats Too!

Well, you might know that we would get around to having some music for your animals too!! We discovered this series several years ago and called for a sample, which we immediately tried on our miniature dachshund, Julius Caesar (we call him Caesar). When he started barking in the office, we put his music on, and he lay down and went to sleep.

It was not just coincidental. It happened almost any time we put the music on. Then in July our little female miniature dachshund, Cleopatra (Cleo for short) had four precious little puppies right here in our office. We played the pet music during the delivery, and we played it off and on for the mom and pups during the weeks after that.

It worked just great. We decided that this was something we just had to add to our inventory and now you can have it too.

If you love your animals, you have to buy these CDs!, The Pups

If your pet or pets (as in our case) cry or howl when you go somewhere, or even if they are just around the house and need to settle down, put this music on for them. The soothing music will relax you and your kids too. You will be surprised. It has worked for us too.

Each CD has a play time of approximately 61 minutes. You get over three hours of soothing pet music for one low price!
3 CDs for only $18.95 (NOW $12.95)
Thats just a little over $4 per CD!!

And its recommended By the ASPCA

What Pet Owners Have To Say About Pet Music........

"I was at my wits end with my dog - cute and loyal, but too hyper. It was hard to get things done around the house with him needing so much attention. I read about Pet Music and thought I would give it a try. I put on the CDs, plunked down on the couch with the dog and a book. After about 15-20 minutes the dog finally relaxed, and sprawled out (no more petting needed). There we stayed for about 90 minutes. Now when I put the music on, he goes into the living room and hangs out to listen for a while. Its great for both of us!" Rosie Stewart, Pet Owner

"My cat Sammy loves your Pet Music. I have already purchased four more sets for my friends pets." Martin Anderson, Pet Owner

What Professionals Have To Say About Pet Music...

"Pet separation and stress are real health issues for animals and something that we encounter every day in our work. We tested Pet Music with our animals and found it to be effective at reducing the animals stress levels and improving their environment. We recommend and support this product." Rob Mejia, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

What OUR pets say about Pet Music

Cleo: Well, you can just imagine how miserable I was. I usually weigh about 9 pounds, but a week before my puppies were due, I weighed 12 1/2 pounds. I felt like I was literally going to explode! Then the big day finally came and those 4 little male puppies finally started coming, right here in our office. Talk about stress! The phones were ringing, and there were 8 people watching me deliver these pups! Well, my two-legged mommy decided to practice what she preaches about using music for EVERYTHING, so she put on this wonderful Pet Music CD for me, and it was so nice to hear some beautiful, relaxing music in my "delivery room" (which was a big, cut down refrigerator box). The music was really soothing, and it continues to relax us even now. Anyone with a bunch of little pups (or kids) would love it! Just imagine, with all these "kids" to keep up with, you need some rest sometime. Now my "parents" thought it was so much fun having puppies that they went and bought ANOTHER little female puppy named Molly so we could have puppies more often. I can assure you that these Pet Music CDs are going to be used a lot! I highly recommend them.
Cleopatra Alexandra, Proud Mother of 4 Pups

The Pups: There are so many things to explore in this office -- phone books to chew on, junk mail to tear up -- but when they put on that Pet Music CD, we just get so relaxed that this sleepy feeling just comes over us, and its time for a nap. Oops! There it goes again, were getting sleeeeepy.
Puppy Love, Molly and Freckles

We love to eat the mail AND sleep on it too!
Caesar: YAWN! Please dont wake me up! Anyone who has a house full of little ones needs these CDs! Sleep tight! And dont let those flea bugs bite!
Julius Caesar, Still The Main Man

This pet music is heavenly!

Still the MAIN MAN!
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Set includes 3 CDs

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