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Jonathan Park #4, The Hunt For Beowulf

Jonathan Park #4, The Hunt For Beowulf

Jonathan Park Adventure #4
The Hunt for Beowulf (4 CDs)
from Vision Forum

Join the Creation Response team on a remarkable world-wide adventure to recover the Beowulf manuscript, the oldest English writing ever discovered. Its ancient pages tell the exciting stories of man’s battles against fierce dragons (also know as dinosaurs!). Since 1845 it has been safely protected in a British museum... until now! It has recently vanished — the clever work of the Jaguar, a professional artifacts thief.

Now the Creation Response Team is on a mission to get it back! Their travels will take them to the hidden tunnels on the island of Iwo Jima, Mayan ruins in the jungles of the Yucatan, to the Galapagos Islands, and to the Sandia Peak in New Mexico.

The Hunt for Beowulf, Volume IV of the Jonathan Park Audio Adventure, includes twelve thrilling episodes:

  • Episodes 1-3. The Return to Iwo Jima: Parts I, II, & III
  • An artifacts thief known as the Jaguar has stolen the oldest English writing ever discovered —the Beowulf manuscript. Now it’s up to the Creation Response Team to get it back. But the thief has concealed it in the ultimate hiding spot —the volcanic island of Iwo Jima. Only those granted permission by the Japanese government can access the island once every year. Meanwhile, Myles Morgan, the team’s archenemy, is secretly planning to work against the CRT to swipe the manuscript for his own personal gain!
  • Episodes 4-5. The Red Menace: Parts I & II Evolutionists have made an amazing fossil jellyfish discovery in Mosinee, Wisconsin. Many are calling it a miracle. The Creation Response Team travels to the site to show the world how these fossils are evidence for Noah’s Flood. But when they arrive in town, strange things begin to happen. Could they have accidentally stumbled across a plot to overthrow the United States government and take over the little town of Mosinee?
  • Episodes 6-7. The Ancient City of the Jaguar: Parts I & II
  • The Jaguar thief has hidden the Beowulf manuscript in the Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá, a city of ancient temples and archeological wonders. The Creation Response Team pursues the artifacts thief through the village marketplace and the jungles of the Yucatan and ends in a treacherous passage that cuts between the giant pyramids of El Castillo and another hidden deep inside. Will the Creation Response Team recover the Beowulf manuscript from the Jaguar, or will they be outdone by their nemesis, Myles Morgan?

  • Episodes 8-9. Darwin’s Fiery Mountain: Parts I & II
    An anonymous host has invited the Creation Response Team to investigate a new species of tortoise discovered in the Galapagos Islands, but something doesn’t seem quite right. Why are they on the island of Fernandina when the tortoises are found on Santa Cruz? Just as the team discovers their host’s secret motives for stranding them on the island, they have a bigger problem — surviving the eruption of Fernandina!
  • Episode 10. Darrow’s Bluff
    The Creation Response Team has been asked to help promote the annual Scopes Festival and Trial Reenactment. All seems to be going great until threats are made to stop the festival and people begin mysteriously fainting. Who wants to sabotage the celebration, and why?

  • Episodes 11-12. The Descent from Sandia Peak: Parts I & II

    Myles Morgan has consistently foiled the efforts of the Creation Response Team. Now is their chance to turn the tables as they track the Beowulf manuscript to the Sandia Mountains. But the situation becomes critical when the towering Sandia tram breaks down, leaving Angela, Martha, and Ryan dangling above the mountains, and Angela goes into premature labor. Their only hope for rescue lies in the hands of Jonathan, Jessie, and three old adversaries —Simon, Marvin, and Vinnie! Will they descend the peak victorious?

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