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Jonathan Park #1, The Adventure Begins

Jonathan Park #1, The Adventure Begins

Jonathan Park
The Adventure Begins
Volume 1
From Vision Forum

We hope that you enjoy your exciting journey into the world of Jonathan Park. Each adventure is based on real places and scientific discoveries — all designed to build your faith!

The adventures follow Jonathan Park, son of paleontologist, Dr. Kendall Park. While running from a storm, Jonathan and his father collide with the Brenan family as they seek shelter in a hidden cave. After discovering a massive dinosaur graveyard that shows evidence for a worldwide flood, these two families have combined forces to build a new museum, open the fossil discovery, and the hidden cave to spread the message of the Creator! Celebrate the victories as they lead others to live for God.

The Jonathan Park project provides families and individuals with scientific evidence that is in harmony with the Word of God. It gives answers to tough questions that have caused many to leave the faith. Vision Forum’s goal is to provide episodes that will lay the foundation of faith for family members of all ages. Each episode reminds us that...

This is our Father’s world, God created it; we can explore it, so live the adventure!

The Secret of the Hidden Cave:
Parts 1 & 2
Santa Fe is hit by a catastrophic storm! To survive, two families are driven to seek safety in an underground cavern with a secret that will change their lives!

Adventure on the Aucilla River:
Parts 1 & 2
The Eagles Nest Gang witnesses a robbery at the Museum of Ancient Art. Now its up to them to catch the thief, as the Park family travels to find artifacts that tell us about our past. Will either of them succeed?

Disaster at Brenan Bluff
Dr. Kendall Park and Jim Brenan make a discovery of a lifetime--a dinosaur graveyard! However, it turns into a nightmare when the cliffs above the site collapse. Will it cost Jonathan and Jessie their lives?

African Safari
The evil Dr. Cassat has discovered a multi-million dollar mine in Africa. But why has he asked the Park and Brenan Families to come to Africa on a fossil dig? What danger lurks in the African wilderness?

Escape from Utopia
The Park and Brenan families, on their way to Roswell, are stranded outside the city late one night. They end up in a retreat center run by Utopians--an alien cult. Will they find a way to escape from Utopia?

The Blue from Nineveh
Rusty, the bully of Painted Dunes Elementary School, just can’t seem to leave Jonathan alone. The battle finally leads to a dangerous "showdown" at the Santa Fe Museum of Ancient Art.

Art Heist Adventure
The Park and Brenan families are going to an art show and Katie is left behind to babysit Ryan. However, during a series of babysitting mishaps, Katie and Ryan uncover an exciting plot to steal paintings from the show.

Mystery at Dead Mans Curve
The Eagles Nest gang is on a bike ride when suddently a van swerves over the cliff and the van and driver mysteriously disappear! Could this accident somehow be linked to threats being made against the creation project?

The Return to Hidden Cave:
Parts 1 & 2

Simon, Marvin, and Vinnie have just escaped from prison, and joined a team of computer-chip hijackers. When the Park and Brenan families accidentally get involved, it could cost them their dream of the Museum!

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The album also comes with a 64-page Study Guide designed to strengthen your familys understanding of the scientific and biblical lessons taught in the Jonathan Park series. We hope you will enjoy your exciting journey into the world of Jonathan Park. Each adventure is based on real places and scientific discoveries.

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