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Explore John Day Fossil Beds with Noah Justice

Explore John Day Fossil Beds with Noah Justice

Very few places in America have such amazing sites for exploring volcanic history as the Pacific Northwest. Oregon's high desert in the eastern part of the state is covered in basalt thousands of feet thick from lava flows. Extensive erosion has exposed vast portions above and below the basalt, revealing amazing layers of ash, sediment and fossils. This includes the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in northeastern Oregon.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • the range of plant & animal fossils and why no dionsaurs are found
  • the history of the spectacular geological formations and the impacat of erosion
  • two explanations: millions of years or a catastrophic event -- which is right & why?

The first DVD series for teens by teens showing how science & the Bible agree!

Hosted by the engaging 14-year-old host, Noah Justice

  • Evidence of biblical history and truth at some of the world’s most amazing destinations
  • Fast-paced and informative presentations with a biblical worldview are filmed on location at these national parks
  • Study guides create educational opportunities for home or church study

The Awesome Science video series takes teens and adults on a field trip around the world to explore geologic and historical evidence which supports the biblical record. Innovative, high-quality, and designed to make science fun, this new series for the whole family helps discover evidences that the Bible is the true history book of the world!

5 x 7 • 30 Minutes • DVD

Explore John Day Fossil Beds (Study Guide)

This study guide is available for each Awesome Science DVD (a new series from Master Books). These help create a reflective learning situation after viewing each exciting episode, and are filled with substantial discussion questions, fill in the blank, true and false, as well as bonus activities. Can be used in Science and religion class - also would be great for church youth groups.

5 x 8 • Paperback

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