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Easy Grammar Plus Jr/Sr High

Easy Grammar Plus Jr/Sr High


Grades 7 and above
by Wanda Phillips

Easy Grammar was a favorite of ours. Learning prepositions first helped us eliminate confusing nouns and pronouns from the beginning. Also, we used Grammar Songs every time we started a new part of speech. (See Grammar Songs on this web site)

Years ago, when our sons were in the 1st grade and 3rd grade, I homeschooled another boy who was in 5th grade. (All the boys are now in their 20s now.) Last year, this young man just wrote me a letter out of the clear blue, completely unsolicited, about a college English class. Its something I will always treasure. I would love to share it with you because it drives home the point that if you make learning fun, they will remember it longer. The year he homeschooled with us, we used Easy Grammar AND Grammar Songs.

“Dear Mrs. Cooper, Thank you for teaching me grammar. I am back in college working on a degree in industrial engineering (robotics). Before I get to the technical courses, I must complete English Composition, among other basic classes. Our teacher also teaches grammar, and so emphasized it in our class, insisting that grammar is absolutely essential in order to write compositions. (I agree, of course.) To my amazement, the whole of the grammar he’s teaching us, which is challenging and confusing to many of the other students in my class, was taught to me by you in the fifth grade, and I remember it all! Prepositions, prepositional phrases, direct objects, indirect objects, subjects, predicates (verbs: main, helping, linking), predicate nominatives, predicate adjectives, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, independent (main) and dependent (subordinate) clauses (and the comma rule), articles, phrases, etc. are all being taught in college! The teacher often expresses his disappointment in the public educational system, and reminds us that “this is college now” and “you should have learned this in high school.” Thanks to my experience in your class, this course is an easy A. Sincerely, AL”

Easy Grammar Plus
Teacher Edition
Easy Grammar Plus (7th and up)
• non-grade level (junior high through adult)
• contains additional higher level concepts such as gerunds plus the perfect and progressive tenses
• includes more difficult capitalization and punctuation rules
• unit reviews, unit tests, cumulative reviews, and cumulative tests
• 665 pages
• reproducible worksheets
Easy Grammar Plus
Teacher Edition, $32.95

Click here for sample of Page 479
Click here for sample of Page 383
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Easy Grammar Plus
Student Workbook
• for student use
• 350 pages contains higher level information included in Easy Grammar+ teacher edition
• includes unit reviews, unit tests, cumulative reviews, and cumulative tests
• very thorough...yet easy to understand.
• “This approach makes sense!”
• (Answer key and teaching strategies are contained in teacher edition only.)
Easy Grammar Plus
Student Workbook, $13.95

Daily Grams, Grade 7
(180 lessons of daily reviews) This is a new text with the original five items per day. Phrases, clauses, sentences/fragments/run-ons, simple, compound, and complex sentences, library skills, synonyms/antonymns/homonymns, prefixes/roots/suffixes, dictionary skills, analogies, spelling rules, text components, and other concepts are included.
Daily Grams, Grade 7, $24.95
(totally NEW text)

Click here for sample of Day 46
Click here for sample of Day 87
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Click here for sample of Day 138

Daily Grams: Jr./Sr. High Level

Daily Grams: Guided Review Aiding Mastery Skills - Jr. High/ Sr. High Level (teacher edition)
◊ 180 DAILY REVIEWS – Do one a day as a review to aid in mastery learning!
◊ Designed to be done the first 10 minutes of your English class
( approximately 5 minutes for students to complete each lesson and approximately 5 minutes for discussion of answers)
◊ Format:
1.Capitalization review
2.Punctuation review
3 and 4: General review of grammar concepts and usage, phrases/clauses, dictionary skills, sentence types, sentences/fragments/run-ons, letters, prefixes/roots/suffixes, synonyms/antonyms/homonyms, etc.
5.Sentence combining

Click here for sample of Day 76
Click here for sample of Day 144
Click here for sample of Day 150
Click here for sample of Day 173
Daily Grams Jr/Sr High Level is not new. It was formerly entitled Daily Grams 6+ (green).
This text is nearly all review (with little initial teaching or explanations).
(formerly 6+ -- unchanged except for the cover), $24.95


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