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Easy Grammar Curriculum Overview

Easy Grammar Curriculum Overview


Easy Grammar has Teacher's Worktexts and Student Workbooks from 2nd Grade up through High School. We have them described in detail on their individual pages according to grade level.

Easy Grammar texts begin with prepositions. Why?

Prepositional phrases (usually) won’t be subject or verb.

Students delete prepositional phrases to help determine the subject and verb.

Also, prepositional phrases usually will not be a direct object, a predicate nominative, or anything important in the sentence. English has just been simplified, and students love the “hands on” approach.

Use the EASY GRAMMAR® method to help make subject and verb agree.

One of the parents (bring, brings) treats.

Use the Easy Grammar method to help make possessive pronouns and antecedents agree.

Every one of the girls left (their, her) books by the door.

Yes, her is correct! Every one is singular.

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