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Australia, Geography Songs from Mr. I

Australia, Geography Songs from Mr. I

Facts and Fun From Mr. I

These CDs are Full of Fun and Full of Learning. Mr. I (music educator), Gary Huntbatch (composer) and Anise Abdulla (Montessori educator) combine their many years of experience to put together these CDs. They contain information about the culture, the geography, animals, birds, plants, fish, the history and so much more about the particular theme. They provide an excellent resource for teachers.

Funny. Great songs about the land, the history, the animals, the plants, and the people of Australia. The GREAT BARRIER REEF, AYERS ROCK. Some extaordinary didgeridoo playing by DON PORTELANCE. SINGALONGTRACKS are included on the CD to be used as accompaniment during performances.

Songs Include:

  • DISCOVERING AUSTRALIA: A fun song about Captain Cook. His ship was called the DISCOVERY and in finding Australia he discovered lots of leaks. EEK! Plus, he was lost.
  • THE AUSTRALIAN CLOCK: Imagine Australia as a clock. This songs teaches the names of the main cities of Australia by telling time.
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  • LITTLE JOHNNY ENGLAND: (New lyrics) A traditional Australian folk melody with added words that teach the names of the Territories, and more. Watch out for that boomerang.
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  • WALTZING MATILDA: (Traditional) You probably have heard this one. Some verses are sung in aboriginal language.
  • BOWERBIRD: This crazy bird does crazy things. Crazy saxoophone solo in this song.
  • ABORIGINEES USED THE BOOMERANG: Day in the life of an aboriginee and his dog.
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  • DINGO DOG: Short, silly poem to introduce the dingo dog. Is it true that they cant bark?
  • YONDI: Mythological song telling the aboriginal story of the lifting the sky.
  • ULURU/AYERS ROCK: Majestic song for the spiritual center of this fascinating continent.
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  • BAOBAB TREE: Such interesting trees in Australia. This song mentions some of them. Great hit in the class.
  • DIDGERIDOO SONG: Mr. I tries to teach Gary how to play the didgeridoo. This was a mistake!
  • NUMALU: DIDGE STORY: A story about what a young aboriginee must do to become a man. Great effects played on the didge. Entertaining and educational.

  • DESERT POEM: We wanted a poem to describe the hot deserts of Australia. All Gary could think of was ice cream.
  • MARSUPIAL LAND: Great song about marsupials.
  • DEADLY LAND OF OZ: Eek! Are there really that many dangerous creatures in Australia?
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  • THE GREAT BARRIER REEF: Lovely, ocean-wave-bouncy song that teaches many facts about the Great Barrier Reef. Dont worry, there are no spiders in the ocean. Or are there?

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