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Asia, Geography Songs/ Mr. I OUT

Asia, Geography Songs/ Mr. I  OUT

ASIA is a fabulous collection of traditional and original songs and poems from and about the magnificent continent of ASIA. There is lots of diverse material. Teachers and students will love it! Gary and Mr. I add humor through odd ways of traveling.

Songs Include:
1) ASIA ASIA ASIA (Mr. I) A short poem about the wonder of Asia.

2) COME WITH US TO ASIA (Maureen Boudier) An introductory song about the many places we will visit.

3) MOUNT EVEREST (Mr. I) Can you guess the name of the highest mountain in the world?

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(Mr. I) A dynamic, jagged song about this magnificent mountain range. My older students couldn’t stop singing it.

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(Mr. I) A soft, lovely song honoring the traditional life of children in this area of the world.

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(Mr. I) A delightful little song describing qualities of the panda.

7) CHINESE NEW YEAR (Mr. I) What do people do to celebrate Chinese New Year anyway?

8) COUNT IN CHINESE (Anise Abdulla) Learn how to count to ten in Chinese.

9) MOLI HUA (Traditional Chinese Folk Song) Beautiful melody. This track came from the Building A Better World CD.

10) JAPAN SONG (Gary Huntbatch) A fun song describing an overview of Japan. Learn the names of the big main islands of Japan.

11) SAKURA (Traditional Japanese Folk Song) Slow, but beautiful. Ancient beauty. Special singers.

12) JAPANESE FROG SONG (Folk song) Funny frog song sung in Japanese.

13) HARUGA KITA (Traditional Japanese Folk Song) A Springtime song.

14) TWINKLE IN KOREAN - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star sung in Korean language.

15) BANDAL (Traditional Korean Folk Song)
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One of the most beautiful melodies I have ever heard. It is also a bit of a riddle. Can you guess what the words are about?

16) RUSSIAN HAPPINESS (Traditional Russian Dance Tune with Poem) HEY! Gary and I having a little fun.

17) MAY THERE ALWAYS BE SUNSHINE (Traditional Russian Folk Song) You probably know the chorus in English, But- Can you sing it in Russian? Also includes all the verses in English. It is a song of Peace.

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(Anise Abdulla) A fun little song describing the Taj Mahal in India.

19) SA RE GA (James Hamilton) Here is an Indian version of DO RE MI. Each note is associated with an animal or a bird. How did they get in the studio anyway?

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(Anise Abdulla) Lively tune about the people you might meet by the river Ganges.

21) BURUNG KAKA TUA (Indonesian Folk Song) Funny kind of a riddle comparing Cockatoos with Grandma’s teeth!

22) RASA SAYANG EH (Malaysian Folksong) Lively, upbeat, lots of fun.

23) SAMPUNG NGA DHALIRI (Philipine Child Song) A fingerplay song in Philipine language. 24) SING YOUR WAY HOME (Singapore Folk Song) Singapore is a singing land. This is a wonderul song to sing on the way home.

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