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Already Gone - DVD & CD-ROM

Already Gone - DVD & CD-ROM

The next generation is already calling it quits on traditional church. Next Sunday, look around, two thirds of the young people in your church are already disengaged from the message they are hearing. And it’s not just happening on the nominal fringe; it’s happening in the most solid “Bible-believing” churches.

The church is failing to give children real answers to their questions. We are losing our kids long before college. But this is far from a hopeless situation. Ken explains how we can fight back for our children, and what we can do to ground our children in the faith and prepare them for the challenges of the secular world.

Already Gone - DVD

In this important DVD, Ken Ham discusses the profound cultural changes taking place in our Western world, as God’s Word is rejected and man’s fallible ideas are welcomed. Ken relates some of the shocking statistics presented in the book Already Gone that reveal the reasons why young people are leaving church and abandoning the faith of their parents. 43 min.

Already Gone - CD-ROM

Created as a special gift to pastors, this supplemental CD-ROM is now available to everyone! It contains PowerPoint slides that can be used to present an eye-opening “Already Gone” presentation to your church, small group, leadership team, etc.

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