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The Wonders of God's Creation, Moody Science (3 DVDs)

The Wonders of God's Creation, Moody Science (3 DVDs)

The well-known Greek writer, Sophocles, wrote, "numberless are the world's wonders, but none are more wonderful than man, himself." Sophocle's timeless words still ring true, for human life exists as the crowning achievement of Godís creation. As you watch this DVD, carefully consider the unimaginable complexity and potential of the human brain, the architectural masterwork of the hand and skeletal system, and the incredible durability of the heart. In the human body, Godís creative power expresses itís magnificent dimension. But there is far more to the miracle of the human experience than the wonders of body and mind. God has made each of us for the highest purpose of all, to know and enjoy His love and care forever. Approximately 60 minutes

In the vast expanse of the solar system, the earth stands alone. Nowhere else but on this small, bluish jewel has God brought together the precise and perfect qualities necessary to sustain life. As you watch this memorable tour of our planet, you will discover hidden miracles absolutely vital to our survival. Clouds airlifting and distributing millions of tons of water each day throughout the earth. Seeds, carrying those ingenious packages, of life, a treasury of flowers and trees to their new home in the earths soil. You will enjoy the matchless splendor of water, land and sky, and marvel at this unique and remarkable planet every living thing calls home.
65 minute DVD.

It has been said that the wisest of human engineers could not improve the control system found in the tail of a common squirrel. Similar statements could be made while observing the inhabitants of any pond, field or wilderness. God has left His indelible signature on every member of the animal kingdom with which we share this planet. As you view this DVD, you wil be amazed at the mysterious migrations of the Pacific salmon and the monarch butterflys annual 2,000 mile journey from Canada to Mexico. You'll visit the inside of a honeycomb to learn the language of bees. Watch spiders spin webs stronger than steel. Throughout the animal kingdom, God's provision and craftsmanship are widely displayed.
66 minute DVD

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