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Of Books And Sloths, Moody Science

Of Books And Sloths, Moody Science

Moody Science Film Classics

The sloth, natures champion sluggard, one of the most misunderstood animals in the world. As recent as a century ago, the sloth was regarded as a "blunder of nature." To capture this story, the Moody Institute of Science did research in the laboratory and in the jungles of Panama. The message of Books and Sloths points out the dependability and the accuracy of the Scriptures as compared with mans writings that must be constantly revised to correct inaccuracies.

29 minute video DVD, $12.95.

(This is one of the original timeless videos that teach truths that never go out of style.)

Award-winning favorites from our first 40 years.

Ideal for Christian schools and home schoolers.

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