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Signposts Aloft, Moody Science

Signposts Aloft, Moody Science


Moody Science Film classics

A tiny plane is lost in the clouds. The struggling pilot banks a turn to escape the dense cloud cover. His senses deceive him, telling him the plane has stopped turning. So he turns harder, but the nose drops. Speed picks up, and suddenly heís caught in a downward spiral, a graveyard spin.

In Signposts Aloft, you will find out how manís senses can be fooling in flight. Youíll see experiments that dramatically illustrate the problems pilots and astronauts face. And you will learn why man needs outside guidance from God, just as pilots need to place faith in their instrument controls.

28 minute DVD, $12.95.

(This is one of the original timeless videos that teach truths that never go out of style.)

Award-winning favorites from our first 40 years.

Ideal for Christian schools and home schoolers.

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