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God Of Creation, Moody Science

God Of Creation, Moody Science


Moody Science Film Classics

A creeping caterpillar takes wing as a graceful butterly.
Flowers open their blooms before your eyes.
A twinkling point of light revels a solar system millions of light-years away. Itís all the work of the God of Creation.

This all-time Moody favorite explores the power and beauty of the universe we live in. Youíll see the food "factories" that plants use. And youíll peer through a telescope into the vast reaches of space, while you ponder the God who put the galaxies in place--the same God who gave His life for us on the cross.

28 minute video.

(This is one of the original timeless videos that teach truths that never go out of style.)

Award-winning favorites from our first 40 years. 28 minutes each

Ideal for Christian schools and home schoolers.
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