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Daydreams And Lullabies

Daydreams And Lullabies

A celebration of poetry, song and classical music: Follow a young family from playtime to dream time through the nursery, the park, the streets of Olde London and off to bed. Newborns to 90-year-olds will enjoy this magical mix of classical music, classic poetry and poems written and performed by children. Music includes: great classical lullabies rounds for family singing and traditional English songs.

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Daydreams and Lullabies

Moves children from being passive listeners to active participants by engaging their imginations, offering new skills and knowledge, and stimulating higher-order thinking skills. Presents 70 facts and thought-provoking questions to move beyond music into an integrated curriculum of social studies, creative writing, math, sciences and ther other arts. See listing below.

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