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Great New Stories, Vol. 4, Your Story Hour

Great New Stories, Vol. 4, Your Story Hour

YSH-Great New Stories Vol. 4
Great New Story Series

The Lady of Longpoint
Shipwrecked crew saved by courage

A Dog Named Bear
Starving dog rescued from island

Girl Doctor-Elizabeth Blackwell, Part 1

Elizabeth, Lady Doctor
Elizabeth Blackwell, Part 2

Jamie, Where Are You?
Deaf child saved by pet dog

Giving Love Away
Mother learns true meaning of love

Gold Medal Twins
Selfless love delays Olympic plan

Sarah, Special Kid
Child overcomes learning difficulties

Grandma Millerís Farm
Family pulls together to save family farm

A New Little Kid
Foster child becomes great little brother

The Yellow Fever Fighter
Dr. William Gorgas discovers cause of Yellow Fever

Children get lost during snow storm

The Brown Van
Avoiding trouble with strangers

God Bless
Children use Vietnam tap code to help uncle

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