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Ballads Of American History

Ballads Of American History

Ballads of American History
by Fred Cooper
At last, a way to learn the important facts of history in songs. These ballads make it easy! These 9 ballads tell about each major period of American history from Jamestown through Reconstruction.

Songs include:

Roanoke & Jamestown
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Plymouth Colony
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The Establishment of the 13 Colonies
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The American Revolution
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The Constitution
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Go West, Young Man
The Westward Expansion
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The Civil War
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and the Building of the
Transcontinental Railroad
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The accompanying 159 page book with over 100 illustrations gives additional information on the history in these ballads.

Each ballad is written in a musical style appropriate to the time period and subject matter.

Set includes book with 2 CDs
(vocal and instrumental only)

Customer Comments:

Thank you so much for Ballads of American History! All through my school experiences I dreaded history. I could not remember names and dates. In spite of being on the Deans List here and there, history was the subject that consistently was my lowest grade (very low grade). I hated it! I thought it was boring and pointless. This is our first year of homeschooling and for me, history and panic have always gone hand in hand. I can honestly and gratefully say that we all love history now and it is because of these tapes. The people and their deep feelings come right through the tape as the words explain the reasons for our American history. Each word is so carefully chosen to convey the full meaning of exactly what happened.
I use these tapes for history, vocabulary, music and flip them (to the music only side)for some great square dance music. Our homeschooling group has square danced together. What great fun!
This enormous project has been put together by the wonderful service of human hands, but is nothing short of a stoke of genius. I truly thank God for your gift of creativity and the perseverance that is obvious in this work. It is a miracle that history is a favorite subject in our home now! -- Susan P.

My four year old daughter and five year old son are commonly regarded as child prodigees thanks to your products. It is amazing how much a small child can learn when small ears hear facts set to music. I highly recommend Ballads of American History to parents of children from kindergarten to Senior High history. My kids know more about American History than many of my former history students.
--Kim W., Genius Producer

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