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Jonathan Park Adventures CLEARANCE SALE

American History

Answers in Genesis Products

Antelopes To Zebras PreK

Art / Crafts / Cartooning / Sewing

Art Books, Crafts, Songs

Artists DVD Collection

Astronauts To Zippers

Audio Books & Stories

Awana Songs

Awesome Science DVDs

Beethoven's Wig

Bible & Scripture Memory Songs

Bible Storysongs

Bible Dramatizations by George Sarris

Bible Songs for Kids

Bible Stories

Career Planning & Job Search

Character Building & Manners

Character Classics w/Classical Music


Christian Heroes & Missionaries

Christian Music


Chronicles of Narnia - audio and video

Classical Composers

Classical Composer Biographies

Classical Composer DVDs

Classical Kid's Collection

Classical Magic Themes To Remember

Classical Music


Color The Classics

Composer DVD Collection

Considering God's Creation

Creation vs Evolution

Creative Writing

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Early Childhood Preschool

Easter & Passover Products


Family Sunday School

Focus Family Radio Theatre



Geography From Audio Memory

Geography Songs From Mr I


Googol Math


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Handwriting & Penmanship

Health And Nutrition


Henty Audio Books

Hide 'Em In Your Heart Songs


Homeschooling & Child Training

Hymns Of The Faith

Hymnworks & Symphony Of Praise

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution DVDs

Insight for Living Radio Theater

Insight for Living Radio Theater

Intelli Tunes

Inventor DVD Collection



Jewish History

Jim Weiss, Storyteller CLEARANCE SALE

Jr / Sr High Science & History

Judy Rogers Recordings

Kindergarten/ Grades 1 & 2

Kingdom Series Book & Audio

Lamplighter Audio Books--Boys of Grit Series


Languages Arts And Literature



Lyrical Life & Earth Science

Math And Skip Counting

Math Facts To Classical Music

Math From Songs For Learning

Math Songs From Audio Memory

Math Songs From Intelli Tunes

Math Songs From Twin Sisters

Meet The Musicians DVDs

Music Education

Music To Enhance Learning

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Newton's Workshop Moody

NIV Kid's Club Scripture Memory

Old Time Radio

Parenting Helps

Patch The Pirate SOLD OUT

Patriotic Songs

Paws & Tales Radio Drama

Pet Music

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Piano & Guitar Fake Books

Piano / Recorder / Guitar

Pilgrim's Progress

PreK Phonics & Reading (Twin Sisters)

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Rock 'n Learn Phonics DVDs


Sara Jordan Publishing

Schoolhouse Rock


Science DVDs From Moody

Science Elementary Level

Scripture Songs KJV

Sewing For Boys And Girls

Sign Language

Sing A Long Science

Sing The Word by Cooper KJV

Sing The Word from the Harrow Family

Sing, Spell, Read And Write

Singin' Smart

Skip Counting


Speech Development

Spelling Power & Spelling to Classical Music

State History Alpha Omega

Story Of The World by Susan Wise Bauer HUGE SALE

Sugar Creek Gang

Teach Me Your Way

Test Taking Skills


Thanksgiving, Pilgrims & Puritans

Thy Word Creations (KJV)

Twin Sisters Products

Weather and Meteorology

Wee Sing Collections

WeeBee Tunes Geography HUGE SALE

What's in the Bible DVD Series

World History


Writing Projects For Students

Your Backyard Science DVDs


Online Store Products

What's in the Bible? #1, In the Beginning

1 Corinthians 12-13, Teen & Adult, Thy Word Creations

1001 Writing Projects For Students by Fred Cooper

6 Traits Writing from Edutunes

A Bethlehem Christmas - Radio Theater from Insight for Living

A Christmas Carol And Other Favorites, Jim Weiss

A Christmas Carol, from Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

A Christmas Odyssey 12 Stories Special Edition

A Date With Dad #46 SOLD OUT

A is for Adam DVD

A Journey Of Choices #20 SOLD OUT

A Knight Of The White Cross, Henty Audio-- Jim Hodges

A New Commandment - Harrow Family

A Passport To Adventure #19 SOLD OUT

A Place Of Wonder #15 SOLD OUT

A Tale of Two Cities, Jim Weiss

A Time Of Discovery #18 SOLD OUT

A Treasury Of Wisdom: True Stories Of Hope & Inspiration, Jim Weiss

A.D.--The History Of The World, Vision Forum

Abraham Lincoln And The Heart Of America, Jim Weiss

ACT & College Preparation Course for the Christian Student

Acts - Bible Story Songs

Acts Of The Apostles, Your Story Hour

Addition & Subtraction Country

Addition Songs, Troxel

Addition: Classical Math To Classical Music

Advanced Phonics from Edutunes

Adventures of Richard Wagner, by Opal Wheeler

Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, Jim Weiss (Ages 7 To Adul)t

Afraidika Fever, Patch The Pirate

Africa, Geography Songs From Mr. I

Alcohol Today: Abstinence in an Age of Indulgence

All Aboard/SSRW Kindergarten Workbook #1

All About Jesus, Adult & Teen, Thy Word Creations

All Glory Laud And Honor

All Nations Shall Worship - Harrow Family

All Time Favorites from Patch the Pirate

Along For The Ride #43 SOLD OUT

Alphabet & Counting from Twin Sisters

Alphabet Circus - DVD

Alphabet Exercise - DVD

Already Compromised, Book by Ken Ham & Greg Hall Reg. .99

Already Gone - DVD & CD-ROM

Already Gone -- Book

Amazing Grace, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

America's 25 Favorite Hymns (4 Volumes)

America's Favorite Patriotic Songs For Adults

American Tall Tales, Jim Weiss (Ages 5 To Adult)

America’s Favorite Patriotic Songs For Kids

Ancient Civilizations & the Bible - Test Kit

Ancient Civilizations And The Bible , Student Manual, by Diana Waring

Ancient Civilizations and the Bible OVERVIEW

Ancient Civilizations And The Bible, Vol. 1, Teacher's Guide

Ancient Egypt, Geography Songs from Mr. I

Animal Tales, Jim Weiss

Anne Of Green Gables, from Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

Antarctica, Geography Songs By Mr. I

Antelopes To Zebras Reading Readiness For Preschoolers

Arabian Nights, Jim Weiss (Ages 5 & Up)

Arise, Shine! by Judy Rogers

Armadillo Amigos, Patch the Pirate

Asia, Geography Songs/ Mr. I OUT

Assessment Book/SSRW Level 1 Workbook

Astronauts To Zippers

At Home And Abroad #12 SOLD OUT

At The Back Of The North Wind from Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

Attentiveness - Character Classics

Australia, Geography Songs from Mr. I

B.C.--History Of The World, Vision Forum

Baby Lamb's Book Of Art

Bach from Meet The Musicians

Bach’s Fight For Freedom DVD

Back On The Air #26 SOLD OUT

Ballads Of American History

Ballads of Texas History

Battle Lines #38 SOLD OUT

Beethoven from Meet The Musicians

Beethoven Lives Upstairs DVD

Beethoven Lives Upstairs CD

Beethoven's Wig 4: Dance Along Symphonies

Beethoven’s Wig, Vol. 1

Beethoven’s Wig, Vol. 2

Beethoven’s Wig, Vol. 3

Beginning Concepts 1&2 Intelli-tunes PreK-1

Beginning Fractions & Decimals - DVD

Beginning Reading Skills, Intelli-tunes

Beginnings, World’s Greatest Stories by George Sarris

Ben Hur, from Focus on the Radio Theatre

Beric The Briton, Henty Audio-- Jim Hodges

Beric The Briton, Henty Audio-Abridged--Jim Weiss

Best Loved Stories In Song And Dance, Jim Weiss

Beyond Expectations Cunning Capers #8 SOLD OUT

Beyond Survival

Bible Songs for Kids #1 CD

Bible Songs for Kids #2 CD

Bible Songs for Kids #3 CD

Bible Songs for Kids #4 CD

Bible Songs From Audio Memory

Big Book of Earth & Sky

Big Book of History (Bound book)

Big Book of History (panels)

Big Book of History (Teachers Guide)

Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers

Bilingual Preschool English/Spanish from Sara Jordan

Bilingual Songs Spanish/English Vol. 1 from Sara Jordan

Bilingual Songs Spanish/English Vol. 2 from Sara Jordan

Bilingual Songs Spanish/English Vol. 3 Resource Book ONLY from Sara Jordan

Billy Budd, Sailor from Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

Birthday Party Songs from Twin Sisters ON SALE

Bizet’s Dream DVD

Blessed....Songs from the Beatitudes (Judy Rogers) NEW

Bonhoeffer ,The Cost Of Freedom, from Focus on the Radio Theatre

Buckles and Bobbins A Beginning Sewing Book For Boys

Buddy Davis' Sculpt-a-Saur Dino Activity Pak

Buzzers, Creepers & Crawlers, Intelli-tunes

By Right Of Conquest, Henty Audio Book--Jim Hodges

Calliope Caper, Patch The Pirate

Callirobics: Advanced Handwriting Exercises

Callirobics: Basic Shapes To Music

Callirobics: For Adults & Older Students

Callirobics: Handwriting Exercises To Music (ages 7 + up)

Callirobics: Learning Letters To Music

Callirobics: Pre-Writing Skills to Music (ages 4-7)

Camp Kookawacka Woods, Patch The Pirate

Can You Name That Classical Tune - CD

Cassette Tape/ VHS Clearance Sale

Cause and Effect, Odyssey #52

Celtic Treasures, Jim Weiss (Ages 7 & Up)

Character Building Songs from Sara Jordan

Character Classics Teacher Guide and Activity Resource Book

Character for Life - Book

Chemistry Songbag 1

Chemistry Songbag 2

Chopin Son Of Poland -- 2 Books by Opal Wheeler

Christmas Carols For A Kid’s Heart Vol. 3

Christmas In Two Acts From Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

Christmas In Wildwood, Paws & Tales

Chronicles Of Narnia Complete Boxed Set, Radio Theatre

City Of The Bees, Moody Science

Classical Fake Book

Classical Karaoke For Kids, Theme To Remember, Vol. 3

Classical Kid's Christmas, Book/CD Set

Classical Kid's Collection Special Gift Packs

Climbers and Creepers, Vol. 1--Creation Proclaims DVD

Coldheartica, Patch The Pirate

Colonel’s Colossal Character Quest, Patch The Pirate

Color The Christmas Classics

Color The Classics--Classical Composers II

Color The Classics--Composers III

Color The Classics--Hymn Writers

Color The Classics-Godly Composers

Color The Patriotic Classics

Colors, Shapes & Counting - DVD

Como? Learning Spanish And Loving God

Considering God’s Creation

Contentment - Character Classics

Countermoves #37 SOLD OUT

Crazy 4 Math

Creation Musical Adventures with Buddy Davis/ 2 CDs

Credo, I Believe (Harrow Family

Custard’s Last Stand, Patch The Pirate

D is for Dinosaur DVD

D-Day! June 6, 1944 - Old Time Radio

Dance With the Animals DVD

Danger Signals #36 SOLD OUT

Daniel - Bible Story Songs

Daring Deeds & Sinister Schemes Odyssey #5 SOLD OUT

Darkness Before Dawn #25

David - Bible Story Songs

David: A Man of Passion & Destiny

Daydreams And Lullabies

Days To Remember #31

Defeating Giants, World’s Greatest Stories by George Sarris

Degas And The Dancer--dvd

Dependability - Character Classics

Digging Deeper, Vol. 1, Ancient Civilizations

Division Songs, Troxel

Division: Classical Math To Classical Music

Do The Math!

Doggone Math

Don't Get Scared, Just Get Prepared

Down Under, Patch The Pirate

Dust Or Destiny, Moody Science

Early Classics, The Adventure Begins #1 SOLD OUT

Early Years, Intelli-tunes PreK-- K Concepts

Earth Science DVD

Easy Broadway Fake Book

Easy Grammar 10 - 180 Daily Teaching Lessons

Easy Grammar 11 - 180 Daily Teaching Lessons

Easy Grammar 12 - 180 Daily Teaching Lessons

Easy Grammar 8 - 180 Daily Teaching Lessons

Easy Grammar 9 - 180 Daily Teaching Lessons

Easy Grammar Curriculum Overview

Easy Grammar Daily Guided Teaching & Review: Grade 2

Easy Grammar Plus Jr/Sr High

Easy Grammar: Grade 3

Easy Grammar: Grade 4

Easy Grammar: Grade 5

Easy Grammar: Grade 6

Easy Hymn Fake Book

Edison: The Wizard Of Light, DVD

Edward MacDowell and His Cabin in the Pines by Opal Wheeler

Egyptian Treasures: Mummies And Myths, Jim Weiss

Einstein: Light To The Power Of 2, DVD

Elementary Activity Book for Ancient Civilizations and the Bible by Diana Waring

Elementary Activity Book for Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries by Diana Waring

Elementary Activity Book for World Empires, World Missions, World Wars by Diana Waring

Eugene Returns #44 SOLD OUT

Europe, Geography from Mr. I

Evolution Revolution, Patch The Pirate

Evolution vs God DVD

Experience With An Eel, Moody Science

Explore John Day Fossil Beds with Noah Justice

Explore Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest with Noah Justice

Explore Mount St. Helens with Noah Justice, DVD

Explore the Grand Canyon with Noah Justice DVD

Explore Yellowstone with Noah Justice

Explore Yosemite and Zion National Parks with Noah Justice

Facts Of Faith, Moody Science

Fairytale Favorites In Story And Song, Jim Weiss

Fake Book Of The World's Favorite Songs

Family Sunday School Can It Work For You?

Famously Funny! Beloved Stores And Poems by Jim Weiss

Fascinating Stories From America’s History

Father Gilbert Mysteries Volume 4 Radio Theatre

Father Gilbert Mysteries, Vol. 3 from Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

Father Gilbert Mysteries, Volumes 1 And 2 from Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

Feliz Navidad, Christmas Carols In Spanish

Flight and Spike: Creation Proclaims Vol 2 (DVD)

Flights Of Imagination #16 SOLD OUT

For The Temple, Henty Audio Book--Jim Hodges

For The Temple, Henty Audio Book--Jim Weiss (abridged)

Franz Schubert And His Merry Friends by Opal Wheeler

Free Teaching Home Promotional Offer

French Spiritual Songs From Teach Me CDs

Friends, Family & Countrymen #39 SOLD OUT

Friendship Mutiny, Patch The Pirate

Fröhliche Weihnachten: Learning Songs & Traditions in German

From The New World, Themes To Remember 4,

Fun Physical Fitness

Fun-damentals Puns, Parables Perilous Predicaments #4 SOLD OUT

G.A. Henty Short Story Collection--Jim Weiss

Galileo And The Stargazers, Jim Weiss (Ages 7 & Up)

Galileo: On The Shoulders Of Giants, DVD

Genesis of a Legacy, Parenting Study Kit

Geography Songs, Troxel

Geography, Geology & Meteorology, Intelli-tunes

Geology, Lyrical EARTH Science

Gershwin from Meet The Musicians

Get On A Mission Of Nutrition

Get Them Talking

Get Your Passport CD, Geography Songs from WeeBee Tunes #1

Get Your Passport DVD, Geography Songs from WeeBee Tunes #1

Getting Ready for Kindergarten - DVD

Giant Killer, Patch The Pirate

Giants: A Colossal Collections Of Tales & Tunes, Jim Weiss

Gift Of Music: Great Composers & Their Influence

Go To The Ant

God Of Creation, Moody Science

God Of The Atom, Moody Science

God Our Provider - Harrow Family

God's Mighty Hand: Providential Occurrences in World History

God’s Words From A to Z

Goliath, King Of Shadow Valley, Paws & Tales

Gone West: Bold Adventures of American Explorers and Pioneers by Jim Weiss

Good Luck Duck, Jim Weiss

Good Night, Jim Weiss

Good Night, Jim Weiss (Ages 3 And Up)

Goodness - Character Classics

Gospel's Greatest Fake Book

Got Math?

Goya: Awakened In A Dream Dvd

Grace to Hugh & Hulllabaloo at Hunker Hill-- Paws DVD #3

Grammar & English from Intelli-tunes, Grades 1-4

Grammar Songs Kit

Grand Tour 1 Student Workbook/SSRW 2nd grade

Grand Tour 2 Student Workbook/SSRW 2nd grade

Great American Time Machine, Patch The Pirate

Great In Counsel And Mighty In Deed - Harrow Family

Great New Stories Vol. 1 ,Your Story Hour

Great New Stories, Vol. 2, Your Story Hour

Great New Stories, Vol. 3, Your Story Hour

Great New Stories, Vol. 4, Your Story Hour

Great New Stories, Vol. 5, Your Story Hour

Great New Stories, Vol. 6, Your Story Hour

Great New Stories, Vol. 7, Your Story Hour

Great New Stories, Vol. 8, Your Story Hour

Great New Stories, Vol. 9, Your Story Hour

Great New Stories, Vol.10, Your Story Hour

Greek Myths, Jim Weiss (Ages 5 & Up)

Green Ring Conspiracy, Odyssey #53 SOLD OUT

Guard Your Heart

Hallelujah Handel

Handel At The Court Of Kings by Opal Wheeler

Handel’s Last Chance DVD

Harmony At Home, Music CD, Patch The Pirate

Harold The King, Patch The Pirate

Heroes & Other Secrets Surprises & Sensational Stories #3 SOLD OUT

Heroes In Mythology, Jim Weiss (Ages 7 & Up)

Hidden Treasures, Moody Science

Hidden Treasures, Odyssey #32

Hide Em In Your Heart, Vol. 2

Hide Em In Your Heart, Vol.1

Hide Em In Your Heart, Volume 3

History Songs

Homeschooling! How To Get Started

Horizon's West, The Lewis And Clark Expedition - Old Time Radio

How Should We Then Live DVD Series with Francis Schaeffer

How To Play From A Fake Book

Human Body - DVD (grades 4-8)

Hymn Fake Book

Hymnworks Christmas

Hymnworks I

Hymnworks II

I Wanna Sing -- Awana Songs

I Corinthians 13, Thy Word Creations

If You Love Me

In Freedom’s Cause By Henty--Jim Weiss

In Freedom’s Cause, Henty Audio Book--Jim Hodges

In Hot Pursuit #41 SOLD OUT

In The Reign Of Terror, Henty Audio Book--Jim Weiss

In Your Wildest Dreams #34 SOLD OUT

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution, DVDs, 3 Volumes

Incrediworld from Patch the Pirate

IndoctriNation - DVD

Into The Light #47

Isaiah 53 & Psalm 139, Teen & Adults, Thy Word Creations

Isaiah 53, Thy Word Creations

It All Started When #13 SOLD OUT

It's Fun To Have Good Manners!

It’s Another Fine Day #11 SOLD OUT

I’m Educated, Now What?

Jean Welles Worship Guitar - Christmas Songs & Solos

Jewish Holiday Stories, Jim Weiss

Jonathan Park #1, The Adventure Begins

Jonathan Park #2, No Looking Back

Jonathan Park #3, The Winds Of Change

Jonathan Park #4, The Hunt For Beowulf

Jonathan Park #5, The Explorer’s Society

Jonathan Park #6, The Journey Never Taken

Jonathan Park Goes to the Amazon

Jonathan Park Goes to the Aquarium (4 CDs)

Jonathan Park Goes to the Galápagos

Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo (4 CDs)

Joplin from Meet The Musicians

Joseph And His Brothers, World’s Greatest Stories by George Sarris

Joseph Haydn, Merry Little Peasant by Opal Wheeler

Joshua & Esther, The World’s Greatest Stories by George Sarris

Journey Of Life, Moody Science

Journey To The Edge Of Creation, Moody Science

Joyeux Noel Christmas Carols In French

Julius Caesar and the Story of Rome by Jim Weiss

Jungle Book, Jim Weiss

Just In Time Amazing Antics #9 SOLD OUT

Just So Stories, Jim Weiss, ages 3 and up

Kashmir Kid, Patch The Pirate

Kidnapped On I-land, Patch The Pirate

Kindness - Character Classics

King Arthur And His Knights, Jim Weiss (Ages 5 & Up)

Kingdom’s Call, l Book 4-- Book And Audio Book

Kingdom’s Dawn Book 1-- Book And Audio Book

Kingdom’s Edge, Book 3--Book And Audio Book

Kingdom’s Hope, Book 2-- Book And Audio Book

Kingdom’s Quest, Book 5--Book And Audio Book

Kingdom’s Reign, Book 6--Book And Audio Book

Large Composer Portraits (8 1/2 x 11)

Lear, Limericks & Literature

Leonardo: A Dream Of Flight, DVD

Les Miserables, from Focus On The Family Radio Theatre

Letter Sounds Rock 'n Learn DVD

Life Science - DVD

Limerick The Leprechaun, Patch The Pirate

Liszt’s Rhapsody DVD

Little Women, from Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

Living Principles Of America, CD Set

Lost And Found #45 SOLD OUT

Lost Episodes Adventures In Odyssey

Ludwig Beethoven & The Chiming Tower Bells by Opal Wheeler


Lyric Language-series 2 Teacher's Guide

Lyrical Latin CD with Teacher’s Manual

Lyrical Life Science, Vol. 1: Bacteria to Birds

Mammals, Ecology & Biomes, Lyrical Life Science, Volume 2

Marie Curie: More Than Meets The Eye, DVD

Mary Cassatt: American Impressionist/dvd

Mastering Finger Picking - Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class

Masters Of The Renaissance-- Jim Weiss

Math Beats! from Intelli-tunes K-3

Math Concepts, Intelli-tunes K-4

Math Word Problems DVD

Math! Math! Math! Intelli-tunes K - 2

Matthew Volumes 1 and 2

Meanwhile, In Another Part Of Town #14 SOLD OUT

Mighty Math Songs, Intelli-tunes

Mighty Mini Plays

Mission Accomplished Terrific Tales #6 SOLD OUT

Misterslippi River Race, Patch The Pirate

Moment Of Truth, Odyssey #48 SOLD OUT

Monet: Shadow And Light - Dvd

Money & Making Change - DVD

MORE Music That Teaches Spanish

Moses Vols. 1 and 2

Mount Zion Marathon, Patch The Pirate

Mozart from Meet The Musicians

Mozart, The Wonder Boy by Opal Wheeler

Mozart’s Magic Fantasy

Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage

Mr. Bach Comes To Call CD or DVD

Mr. President! - Old Time Radio

Multiplication Classical Math To Classical Music

Multiplication Country

Multiplication Songs, Troxel

Music That Teaches French

Music That Teaches German

Music That Teaches Spanish bk/CD Reg. .95

Musical Math Facts Level 2 (One set left)

Musical Math Facts, Level 1-DVD

Mysterious Islands DVD

Mystery Of Three Clocks, Moody Science

Mystery! Mystery For Children, Jim Weiss

Never Be Shaken

Newton: A Tale Of Two Isaacs Dvd

No Way Out #42 SOLD OUT

Noah's Big Animal Adventure Game

Noah’s Ark by Diana Waring

North America, Geography Songs With Mr. I

Obedience - Character Classics

Of Books And Sloths, Moody Science

Off We Go/SSRW Level 1 Workbook

Old Time Radio, World History & U.S. History Collection

On Earth As It Is In Heaven #17 SOLD OUT

On Thin Ice Courageous Characters #7 SOLD OUT

On Track/SSRW Kindergarten Workbook #2

Once Upon A Starry Knight, Patch The Pirate

One Hundred Sheep

Opera For Kids New From Classical Kids Collection

Optimalearning 301, Baroque Music For Learning & Relaxation

Optimalearning Classics #302

OptimaLearning Classics #303

OptimaLearning Classics #501

OptimaLearning Classics #601

OptimaLearning Classics 502

Other Times...other Places #10 SOLD OUT

Our Young Folks' Josephus, 460 Page Book

Out Of Control #40

Paganini, Master of Strings by Opal Wheeler

Patch Goes To Space, Patch The Pirate

Patch Goes To The Jungle, Patch The Pirate

Patch Goes West, Patch The Pirate

Patience - Character Classics CD ONLY

Paws & Tales, Season 1, Episodes 1-29

Paws & Tales, Season 2, 24 Episodes

Paws & Tales, Season 3, 16 Episodes

Pearl Harbor Attacked!

Peggy’s Violin, A Butterfly In Time

Perseverance - Character Classics

Pet Music-- 3 CD Set

Peter And The Wolf, A Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra

Peter Tchaikovsky and the Nutcracker Ballet by Opal Wheeler

Phonics Time from Edutunes

Phonics, Vol. 1 DVD

Phonics, Vol. 2 DVD

Physical Science DVD

Physics Songbag

Pilgrim’s Praise, Songs Based On Pilgrim's Progress by Judy Rogers

Pins and Needles An Intermediate Sewing Book For Girls

Plimoth Adventure Voyage Of Mayflower Discontinued

Polecat’s Poison, Patch The Pirate

Portraits Of The Music Masters

Possum Pot Pie, Music CD, Patch The Pirate New

Prior Claim, Moody Science

Professor And The Prophets, Moody Science

Psalm 139, Thy Word Creations

Psalm 23, Thy Word Creations

Psalm 91, Thy Word Creations

Queen’s Pirate, Jim Weiss (Ages 7 & Up

Raceway Book/SSRW Level 1 workbook

Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World DVD

Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World/Book

Reading Comprehension DVD

Reaping The Harvest

Recipes For Fun


Red River Of Life, Moody Science

Rembrandt: Fathers And Sons Dvd

Respect - Character Classics

Rip Van Winkle and Gulliver's Travels, Jim Weiss

Rise And Shine, Music CD, Patch The Pirate New

Risks And Rewards #24

Robert Schumann And Mascot Ziff by Opal Wheeler

Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries Teacher's Guide by Diana Waring

Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries OVERVIEW

Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries Student Book by Diana Waring

Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries Testing Kit

Romeo And Juliet, Jim Weiss

Rossini’s Ghost DVD

SAT & College Preparation Course for the Christian Student

Schoolhouse Rock

Science Songs, Intelli-tunes K-4

Scripture Songs I

Scripture Songs II

Scripture Songs III

Scripture Songs IV

Scripture Songs V

Sebastian Bach, Boy From Thuringia by Opal Wheeler

Self-Control - Character Classics

Set of 17 2nd Grade Readers for SSRW

Shakespeare For Children, Jim Weiss

She & He: Adventures In Mythology, Jim Weiss

Sherlock Holmes For Children, Jim Weiss

Shipwrecked On Pleasure Island, Patch The Pirate

Shower Curtain World Map

Signed, Sealed & Committed #29

Signposts Aloft, Moody Science

Silas Marner: The Weaver Of Raveloe, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

Sing Spell Read and Write Level 1 Kit

Sing Spell Read and Write, Level 2 Kit

Sing Spell’s Pre-K Readiness Kit

Sing the Word from A to Z (Harrow family)

Sing The Word, Vol 2 Inc. Luke 2:1-20 Word For Word KJV

Sing The Word, Volume 1 (KJV)

Sing, Spell, Read and Write Kindergarten/1st Grade Combo Kit

Sing-a-long Science, Singing The Science Standards

Sing-a-long Science, Vol. 2, The Sequel

Sing-a-long Science, Vol. 3 The Second Sequel

Singin' Smart 1

Singin’ Smart 2

Skip Count Kid (Regular Version)

Skip Count Kid's Bible Heroes

Sneaky Sheik, Patch The Pirate

Song Of The Unicorn

Songs From COLOSSIANS from NIV Kid's Club:

Songs From PROVERBS from NIV Kid's Club

Songs From PSALMS from NIV Kid's Club

Songs From Wildwood, From Paws And Tales

Songs of the Journey CD/book set

Sounding Forth The Trumpet by Peter Marshall Now On CD

South America, Geography Songs from Mr. I

Spanish Grammar Swings

Spanish Spiritual Songs From Teach Me CDs

Speechercise Level 2 Ages 5-9

Speechercise, Level 1 Ages 3-6+

Spelling Power

Spelling Power Activity Task Cards

Spelling Power Student Record Book

Spelling to Classical Music

Spooky Classic For Children Jim Weiss

SSRW Preschool Extra Student Set

St. Bartholomew's Eve, Henty Audio Books (Jim Hodges) unabridged

Stand Up! by Judy Rogers

State History On CD-ROM From Alpha Omega-- 50% Off

States & Capitals Kit from Audio Memory

Stephen Foster and His Little Dog Tray, by Opal Wheeler

Stitches and Pins Beginning Sewing For Girls

Stories Of The Pilgrims, Audio Book On MP3 CD

Story Of The World, Vol 4, Modern Age by Susan Wise Bauer

Story Of The World, Vol. 2, Middle Ages, Susan Wise Bauer

Story Of The World, Vol. 3, Early Modern Times by Susan Wise Bauer

Storybook Friends, Intelli-tunes

Strauss: The King Of 3/4 Time DVD

Subtraction Classical Math To Classical Music

Subtraction Songs, Troxel

Suddenly One Morning (Easter) - Radio Theater

Sugar Creek Gang--6 CD Albums

Sweet Dreams, Jim Weiss

Symphony Of Praise 2

Symphony Of Praise I

Take It From the Top, Odyssey #51 SOLD OUT

Tales From Cultures Far And Near, Jim Weiss (Ages 5 & Up)

Tales From The Old Testament, Jim Weiss

Tchaikovsky Discovers America

Teach Me EVEN MORE Language CDs

Teach Me Languages

Teach Me MORE Language CDs

Teach Me More Spanish

Teach Me Spanish & More Spanish (Bind Up Edition)

Teach Me While My Heart Is Tender

Teach Me Your Way, Vol. 1

Teach Me Your Way, Vol. 2

Tell Me A Story, Jim Weiss

Telling Time DVD

Thankfulness - Character Classics - CD ONLY

That's Why They Call It Grace by Diana Waring

The Animal Kinds DVD by Buddy Davis

The Answers Books for Kids (Answers in Genesis)

The Awesome Forces of God's Creation, Moody Science (3 DVDs)

The Beatitudes, Thy Word Creations

The Best Of Contemporary Christian Fake Book

The Best Small Town Odyssey #50

The Bible - Bible Story Songs

The Big Picture #35 SOLD OUT

The Cat Of Bubastes, Henty Audio Book-- Jim Hodges

The Cat Of Bubastes, Henty Audio Book-- recorded by Jim Weiss

The Changing Times #22

The Chronicles Of Narnia, VHS And DVDs

The Dragon & The Raven, Henty Audio Book-- Jim Hodges


The Five Love Languages Of Children CD Audio Book

The Heavens Declare -- Harrow Family

The Hound of the Baskervilles

The Houne of the Baskervilles by Jim Weiss

The Human Body, Intelli-tunes Grades 1-4

The Human Body, Lyrical Life Science, Volume 3,

The Journey Continues CD, Geography Songs from WeeBee Tunes #2

The Journey Continues DVD, Geography Songs from WeeBee Tunes #2

The Kingdom Series Books And Audio Books Overview

The Learning Ride, Intelli-tunes K-1 Standard Skills

The Life Of Christ, World’s Greatest Stories by George Sarris

The Life Of Jesus 9 CD Set, Radio Theatre

The Lion of St. Mark by G.A.Henty (Weiss)

The Lion of the North, Jim Weiss (abridged)

The Lone Stranger, Patch The Pirate

The Lord's Prayer, Thy Word Creations

The Master's Piano Course Piano Book 1

The Master's Piano Course, Piano Primer

The Master's Recorder Courses

The New Answers Book 1 (adults)

The New Answers Book 2 (Adults)

The New Answers Book III by Ken Ham

The New Answers DVD #3

The New Answers DVD 1

The New Answers DVD 2

The Orchestra (CD) with Peter Ustinov

The Perfect AbC Songbook

The Prince And The Pauper, Jim Weiss

The Profound Effects Of Music On Life

The Prophets, World’s Greatest Stories by George Sarris

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis (radio theatre)

The Search For Whit #27

The Secret Garden, from Focus On The Family Radio Theatre

The Singing Bible

The Sky's the Limit, Odyssey #49 SOLD OUT

The Solar System By Herb Parker, Jr.

The Story Of Esther, From Paws And Tales

The Story of Peter Tchaikovsky, by Opal Wheeler

The Story Of Saul: The First King Of Israel, Paws & Tales

The Story Of The Last Days Of Jerusalem By Josephus (Book)

The Story Of The Roman People, The History Of Rome Audio Book

The Story Of The World, Vol. 1, by Susan Wise Bauer

The Strait Of Magellan by Jay Ocallahan

The Temptations of Jesus & Psalm 91, Teen & Adult, Thy Word Creations

The Temptations Of Jesus, Matthew 4, Thy Word Creations

The Ten Commandments and The Beatitudes, Adult & Teen, Thy Word Creations

The Ten Commandments, Thy Word Creations

The Truth Chronicles, Odyssey Special Album

The Villain Of Venice, Patch The Pirate

The Way They Learn

The Weather Dude by Nick Walker

The Wonders of God's Creation, Moody Science (3 DVDs)

The Young Carthaginian, Henty Audio Book--Jim Weiss

Themes To Remember Vol 2, Classical Magic

Themes to Remember #1 Teacher Guide

Themes to Remember #2 Teacher Guide

Themes To Remember Vol. 1, Classical Magic

Things We Wish We’d Known

Thomas Jefferson’s America, Jim Weiss

Three Musketeers and Robin Hood, Jim Weiss (Ages 5 & Up)

Through Thick & Thin #30

Thy Word Creations For Teens And Adults

Thy Word Creations, Children's Series

Tiffany Cometh & And Then There Were None - Paws & Tales DVD

Time And Eternity, Moody Science

Traveling Home For Christmas, Radio Theatre

Treasure Boxes (4-CD Sets) Patch The Pirate, 8 Volumes

Treasure Island, Jim Weiss

True Tales of Ancient Civilizations and the Bible by Diana Waring

True Tales of Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries by Diana Waring

True Tales World Empires, World Missions, World Wars by Diana Waring

True To The Old Flag, Henty Audio Book--Jim Hodges

Truthfulness - Character Classics

Tumbleweed Opera, Patch The Pirate

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, Jim Weiss

Twists And Turns #23

U. S. President's March

Ultimate Adventure, Moody Science

Uncle Wiggly’s Storybook Jim Weiss

Under Drake's Flag, Henty Audio Book-- Jim Hodges

Unlocking The Mysteries Of Creation Book On CD-ROM

Vhs Videocassette Clearance

Virtual Realities #33

Vivaldi’s Ring Of Mystery

Voice Of The Deep, Moody Science

Walkin' Wise by Judy Rogers

We Sign ABC

We Sign Animals

We Sign Babies & Toddlers #2

We Sign Christmas Carols

We Sign Colors

We Sign For Babies And Toddlers

We Sign Fun Time

We Sign Numbers

We Sign Santa’s Favorite Christmas Songs

We Sign, American Patriotic Songs

We Sign: Baby Songs

We Sign: More Animals

We Sign: Play Time

Wee Sing America

Wee Sing Around The World

Wee Sing Bible Songs Book/CD set

Wee Sing More Bible Songs Book/CD set

Welcome Home #28

Welcome to Odyssey

What In The World’s Going On Here, Part 1 by Diana Waring

What In The World’s Going On Here, Vol. 3, Waring

What In The World’s Going On Here? Vol. 2 Resurrection to the Revolution by Diana Waring

What's In the Bible #2, Let My People Go

What's In the Bible #3, Wanderin' in the Desert

What's in the Bible #4, Battle for the Promised Land!

Where The Waters Run, Moody Science

Why Can’t I See God

Why We Fight – DVD

Windows Of The Soul, Moody Science

Winning His Spurs, Henty Audio Book--Jim Hodges

Winning Tutoring Kit

Winslow Homer: American Original--DVD

Winston Grammar

Wish You Were Here #21 SOLD OUT

With Lee In Virginia, Henty Audio Book--Jim Hodges

With Wolfe In Canada A Henty Audio Book--Jim Hodges

Women in Blue and Gray (Jim Weiss)

Word Mechanics, Intelli-tunes Grades 1-3

World Empires, World Missions, World Wars Study Guide by Diana Waring

Worship Guitar 4 Instructional DVDs

Worship Guitar Class For Kids

Writing Strategies DVD

Wulf The Saxon, Henty Audio Book--Recorded by Jim Weiss

Young Brahms by Opal Wheeler

Young Folks' Josephus, Antiquities Of The Jews #1 Audio

Your Backyard #1, Common Feeder Birds

Your Backyard #2, Monarch Butterfly

Your Backyard DVDs, Set of 2

Your First Fake Book

Your Story Hour, Complete 11 Volume Set

Your Story Hour-Album 1--Bible Series

Your Story Hour-Album 10-Character Series

Your Story Hour-Album 11-Character Series

Your Story Hour-Album 2 Bible Series

Your Story Hour-Album 3-Bible Series

Your Story Hour-Album 4-Bible Series

Your Story Hour-Album 5--Bible Series

Your Story Hour-Album 6-Historical Series

Your Story Hour-Album 7-Historical Series

Your Story Hour-Album 8-Character Series

Your Story Hour-Album 9-Character Series

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